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“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a  long time ago.”  

- Warren Buffett

Are You Buying a Viable Business or Just a Medical/Dental/Vet Practice?

If you are like most business buyers, you’ve never bought a business before.  So, when you buy a new or well-established practice, you need to gain the necessary knowledge and experience in this process.  The most efficient way to gain the necessary knowledge and experience is to hire a qualified attorney who can provide you the legal and business advice to guide you through the complicated and often frustrating purchasing process.   


At Practice Transition Association, you will find lawyers, accountants, and business brokers who not only practice in their respective areas, but also successfully own their respective businesses and know the type of information, processes, and business risks for be on lookout for.  These professionals will not only provide you the qualified professional services you need but also be a good source for business advice.

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